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It works Rotameters

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It works Rotameters

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It works Rotameters

Rotameter consists of two parts, a rotameter is gradually expanding upward from the bottom conical tube; rotameter another conical tube is placed in the center line of the tube and can move freely up and down the rotor . Flowmeter when measuring fluid flow, the measured fluid from the tapered lower end of the inlet tube, the fluid flow impact of the rotor, and it produces a force (the magnitude of the force varies with the size of the flow); when the flow is large enough , the force generated by the rotor hold up, and make it rise. At the same time, the measured fluid flow through the annular cross-section between the rotor and the conical wall, the outflow from the top. When the measured fluid flow forces on the rotor, the rotor is exactly equal to the weight of the fluid (called display weight), the rotor forces in equilibrium and stay at a certain height. Analysis showed that; a rotor position height of the tapered tube, through which the flow has reciprocal relationship. Therefore, the height of the rotor position observer conical tube, it is possible to obtain a corresponding flow rate value.

In order to make the center line of the rotor in the tapered tube moves up and down without touching the wall, usually two ways: one is in the center of the rotor provided with a guide mandrel, in order to maintain the rotor at the centerline of the tapered tube up and down sports, the other is in the edge of the rotor disc chute opened a road, when the fluid flows through the bottom-up rotor, the rotor side bypass, while passing through the chute produce reverse thrust, the rotor centerline around constantly rotating, the rotor can be maintained without hit the wall at work. Rotor material available spinner stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or the like.

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